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    who we are

Onix IT is locally owned and managed. We provide amazing IT services and support to growing businesses in the Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley area.

Onix IT is proud to work with business in a wide range of industries. Currently we support businesses in healthcare, dental, manufacturing, law, accounting/CPA's and software development fields.

We provide our client’s businesses with Windows server, network and desktop technology solutions to support and keep them operating as efficiently as possible. We offer the best value so that Onix IT and our business partners can grow together.

We are always exploring & developing new technology-business integrations. Our team delivers excellent customer service, quickly solves technical support issues and makes technology easy. Our management creates an environment where our employees can learn and flourish with Onix IT.

What You Will Receive:

quick response to your requests

You will always get a real person and honest answers when you call our offices. We work as a team to ensure your requests are addressed as quickly as possible.

timely and cost efficient problem resolution

Most support requests can be resolved remotely. This eliminates travel time and provides for the fastest response possible.

good, long term business relationships

Onix IT is built on mutually beneficial relationships. That’s why we want to support your business and help it grow by providing the right IT solutions to suit your company’s needs.

a friendly, responsive and competent team

We know that IT related issues can sometimes be intimidating. Every team member is trained to communicate with our customers in an easy to understand and approachable way.

competitive hardware and service pricing

We partner with select hardware and software vendors to provide the industry's best products at a competitive price.

peace of mind

Here at Onix our system design, implementation, customer interaction, service and support principals are based on the highest quality standards. To offer you peace of mind all the time.

meet our team

  • Michael Ehrfurth

    Michael has been in the IT profession for over 15 years. His management experience comes from several industries including the restaurant and hospitality industry, where he was a key operational piece for the early growth of Colorado based Noodles & Company. Michael has lived in Northern Colorado for over 25 years and attended high school and college in the area (GO POKES!). He is in charge of internal business operations and is committed to always meeting our client’s needs. Michael plays a large role in project planning, completion of project quotes and is in charge of procurement for the company. He loves working with people and takes great pride in the thriving Northern Colorado Community he calls home.

  • Mason Bassuk

    Mason has been an IT Professional for over 9 years with prior experience in the banking, accounting, and music industries. A Colorado native, he moved to Fort Collins in 2000 to attend CSU. Since then he has worked for various local companies and plays drums in several local bands. As a systems administrator and the onsite support specialist for Onix IT, Mason provides solutions to a wide range of information technology needs.

  • Shane Orchard

    Shane is new to the team here at Onix and we are so happy to have him onboard! With several years in IT support, his transition to our help desk team has been fluid. Shane has had a deep love of computers dating back to his early teen years when he acquired his first computer from a close friend. He rebuilt it, using Windows 98, to play some classic Star Wars games and has had a passion for computers ever since. However, he did not pursue a degree in IT at first, he pursued a degree in Geology, but was advised by a mentor in the field of Geology, to change career paths if given the ability. Remembering his love of computers, he decided to go back to school and earned an Associate’s degree in Computer Science from CollegeAmerica in June of 2019! During this time Shane also became a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Shane aims to further his education with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science someday soon! Shane is married to his wife of 7 years and has a 2-year-old daughter.

  • Garion Johnson

    Garion moved here from Boston bringing in over 6 years of managing both on prem and cloud environments across a broad array of different industries, including government, education, and financial firms. In his spare time, he enjoys the Bass scene in Colorado and is almost always going to shows across Colorado. He attended ECPI university to earn both his Bachelors in Cyber Security (2019) and his MBA in IT management (2021). As the senior systems engineer, he handles most of the back-end server configuration, security compliance, and oversees the planning/implementation of large projects.