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Shane is new to the team here at Onix and we are so happy to have him onboard! With several years in IT support, his transition to our help desk team has been fluid. Shane has had a deep love of computers dating back to his early teen years when he acquired his first computer from a close friend. He rebuilt it, using Windows 98, to play some classic Star Wars games and has had a passion for computers ever since. However, he did not pursue a degree in IT at first, he pursued a degree in Geology, but was advised by a mentor in the field of Geology, to change career paths if given the ability. Remembering his love of computers, he decided to go back to school and earned an Associate’s degree in Computer Science from CollegeAmerica in June of 2019! During this time Shane also became a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Shane aims to further his education with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science someday soon! Shane is married to his wife of 7 years and has a 2-year-old daughter.